A Unique and possibly ONE OF A KIND Gun Business For Sale
Gun business for sale. I am retiring A very unique way to get into the gun business. This business is currently operating on the Internet only. It can however be taken and run as a physical storefront business solely or in conjunction with making it additional to the existing business. I am offering this for sale, which makes this business unique and different from any other gun shop around. This gun shop is unusual with the fact that I built AR-10s’s and AR 15’s exclusively in the left-hand. The second unique item about this business is that in addition to building left-handed Ars, I build guns in the left-hand that are not available in completed form in the world of guns. For example: I have built many left hand AR 15’s in 204 Ruger,350 Legen.450 bushmaster,450 Socom 22 Nosler just to name a few. Now the barrel for this caliber is made by several companies, however nowhere is there a company that produces a complete rifle in this caliber. I am selling my complete inventory of built guns, and AR parts so someone can come in and build rifles from the existing inventory. Along with the business I am including my website. WWW.FANDWGUNS.COM. In addition to my full inventory, I am including a 12-gun safe, a grizzly mill,G0704 (with collets & bits. All my tools I have acquired over the 40 years I have been in business. If interested, please feel free to contact me at my email address or Call . The price is 35,500 and a list of the physical inventory and all items included in this package.

Listing Number: 796911980
Price: $35,000.00
Shipping: Shipping: ($1.00)
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