AR-15 in 300 B.O. left hand
Everyone knows that the king of intermediate cartridges is the 5.56x45mm NATO round. There is an enormous number of guns chambered to fit it, and all of the major manufacturers of ammunition love it. However, there is a contender out for its throne these days. We’re talking about the .300 Blackout round. The Blackout was made to fix some of the problems with the NATO round. The main one was that the 5.56 NATO is too loud for the amount of power it carries. That’s why different manufacturers have offered different rounds to replace it over the years. There was the 6.8 Rem Special, 6.5mm Grendel, the Wilson Combat 6.8mm, and others. These are all fine products, but all of them have one flaw or another that has made wide acceptance impossible. However, the .300 Blackout is another matter. It works with all current AR magazines, bolts, bolt carriers, and it improves upon the NATO’s record on short distances and short barrel use, all while being very quiet.

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